Boll & Branch makes linens and sheets from organic cotton produced by Indian farmers who are paid a fair wage for their work.

From their website, we learn that:

Boll & Branch was founded in 2014 to offer consumers industry-leading luxury bedding and goods from the ground up. As the textile industry is wrought with unfair and inhumane practices (including unethical treatment of labor workers, dangerous toxins and unsafe factories, to name a few), we set out to right those wrongs and implement ethical practices across our entire supply chain. We directly source the world’s finest organic cotton to create better-end products, all while remaining rooted in fairness from farmer to factory worker, making it a win-win for every stakeholder.

They were featured in this New York Times article wghere their founder talks about a trend towards fair trade in the marketplace:

““There’s a change in consciousness among some consumer segments,” Mr. Tannen said. “They’re thinking about the people on the other side of the product.””

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