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What Does Fair Trade Fashion Look Like?

The Fashion Revolution has come. Through films, a talk and a display of outfits, we will discover the state of the fashion world.

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- Hai Thai (3.22.2018)

Coffee Roasting Demonstration

FTPHL visited Philly Fair Trade Roasters with Joe Cesa during the coffee roasting demonstration.

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- Bhawna Kasliwal (05.08.2017)

Looking for Women’s Shoes, Tops, Dresses, Socks and alike, Experience of FTPHL members

So far, I have not been able to find fair trade certified socks, shoes, tops, pants or dresses yet in the Philadelphia stores. Let us know if you find them! So, for those items, I go online.

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- Bhawna Kasliwal (4.29.2017)

World Fair Trade Day Coffee Break Challenge

Fair Trade Philadelphia participated in the World Fair Trade Day 2016 by doing the World Fair Trade Coffee Break Challenge with Ten Thousand Villages, Center City Philadelphia.

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- Barbara Donnini (5.14.2016)

Fair Trade Sheets & Linens from Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch makes linens and sheets from organic cotton produced by Indian farmers who are paid a fair wage for their work.

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- Barbara Donnini (6.20.2016)

Walking Tour Spring 2016

Our second annual walking tour!

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- Barbara Donnini (4.24.2016)

Sustainable Consumerism Event at Penn State Brandywine

Bryan represents Fair Trade Philadelphia at Penn State Brandywine’s "Sustainable Consumerism" event.

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- Barbara Donnini (4.24.2016)

Starbucks is Offering Fair Trade Certified Coffee!

Ask for ESTIMA, Fair Trade Certified Coffee at Starbucks! While Starbucks has marketing that implies fair trade, and states their coffee is “ethically sourced” very few of their blends are actually certified by an independent third party (only about 3%!).

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- Barbara Donnini (4.3.2016)

Philly City Council Passes Fair Trade Resolution

The Philadelphia City Council officially signed and passed the resolution on February 26th, 2015 recognizing and Commending Fair Trade Philadelphia for its Commitment to Economic Equality for Workers and Sustainable Production Practices for the Environment.

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- Ivy Hunter (2.29.2016)

Bryan at the Fair Trade Bootcamp

The Mid Atlantic Fellows in Washington D.C. for The Power of You: FairTrade Bootcamp.

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- Barbara Donnini (2.18.2016)

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Giveaway at Whole Foods

We went to the Philly Whole Foods to pass out free fair trade chocolates!

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- Barbara Donnini (2.14.2016)

Celebration at City Hall: Philadelphia is a Fair Trade City!

We had a wonderful time celebrating with City Council! Thank you to all who helped make Philadelphia a Fair Trade City!.

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- Barbara Donnini (10.15.2015)

The Grind: Connecting Over Coffee

Here’s Shawn Nesbit, owner of the Good Karma Cafe, which has 3 awesome locations in ‪Philadelphia‬ telling us about his recent trip to Chiapas, Mexico with ‪Equal exchange‬.

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- Barbara Donnini (6.11.2015)

Shop for a Cause with Ten Thousand Villages Stores in Philadelphia

There are two events coming up March and April at Ten Thousand Villages stores where you will have the opportunity to raise money for charities as you shop: Visit the CRS event page to get more details and store locations.

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- Barbara Donnini (3.02.2015)

Story From Local Radio Station (KYW) on 2013 Holiday Fair

Check out Yoko talking to KYW Radio about Fair Trade at Holiday Fair of 2013: We had a great Fairtrade fair for Philadelphia yesterday at Friend Center. KYW radio came and interviewed Yoko about fair trade.

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- Ivy Hunter (12.29.2013)