Pagus: Africa

unnamedSometimes a trip can change your life and the lives of others in ways you could never imagine. When I traveled with my son, Jake, to Ghana ten years ago we decided to help a couple of children go to school. Little did we expect that people in our community would be inspired by this small gesture and ask if they, too, could sponsor a child. And little did we know how our lives and their lives would transform as we worked the complexity and challenges that came with our growing commitment to these children. Ghana is beautiful and overwhelming – a rich and complex culture that will disorient your mind and break your heart. It will also fill your heart and your mind with gifts and perspectives you would never expect. This work changes you. This work is not easy. From a practical point of view it takes constant attention to make sure that these children get what they need, to ensure positive outcomes and to be ready to adjust swiftly to changing circumstances that are beyond our control.

We (and by ‘we’ I mean all dedicated Pagus volunteers) are hooked on helping these kids who are filled with hope and the desire to learn and take their place in the world. We feel privileged to see the difference that sponsorship makes in their lives. When some of them return to us to help in Pagus’ mission, we feel the completion of the circle. This is a rich reward!

As artists ourselves we are also drawn to the arts and crafts in Ghana and see how vital it is to support them. We form relations with artists and collaborative to purchase items at fair prices and bring them back with us to sell online and at fundraising events. In this way we are able promote the work we do and use 100% of the profit to help support our educational programing.

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