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Looking for Women’s Shoes, Tops, Dresses, Socks and alike, Experience of FTPHL members

Bhawna Kasliwal
Apr 29th, 2017

So far, I have not been able to find Fair Trade certified Socks, Shoes, Tops, Pants or Dresses yet in the Philadelphia stores. Let us know if you find them!

So, for those items, I go online.

I have bought several tops from SERRV They also have dresses, skirts, sweaters as well as scarves and jewelries (and all other house items and gifts).

For socks, I have bought them from PACT They have nice simple dresses as well. There also are stuff for men. ALL ORGANIC COTTON. When cotton is the 2nd largest pollutant, we can see how important it is to buy ORGANIC COTTON.

I also bought tops and dresses from MarketPlace: Handwork of India.

I know younger members buy dresses, especially summer dresses from MATA TRADERS and GLOBAL MAMAS.

Now, shoes (they are two very different styles, but worth checking out): SOLE REBELS and OLIBERTE.